A couple hours and I’m back in the Book of Face. Hmm. What did I learn? WOW, this virtual world has replaced so much actual human interaction, it terrifies me. Other than that, No, I wasn’t nearly as productive per se. I did get caught up on a lot of movie watching, which is good. I did do a few quick shoots and line up some good editing too. It seems life gets in my way more than Facebook. I spent too much time in the medical system this month and no one knew because I refused to renege on my deal.
 Got several more things shot that need edited. I don’t see much of a slow down for at least a few weeks for classes and paid edits, so it’s gonna take a bit before I get to them. I have a few things in a queue already and just need some tweaks, then they are exported and uploaded.

Like a shark, I’ve got to keep moving forward. Can’t stop or I’ll drown. I’m making money, saving up for a few things, and still trying to meet self-made goals. I have a master plan. Making it happen, all alone, ain’t the easiest road to travel.

Been going to the gym; lifting swimming boxing – the trifecta. BE A BETTER MAN. Staying the course, doing what I can. It’s not easy. Nothing ever is.

“I feel, so much depends on the weather. So is it raining in your bedroom? And I see, that these are the eyes of disarray. Would you even care? “

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