I actually LOGGED IN to the post apocalyptic hellscape that is Myspace yesterday. That’s how bored I am online without Facebook. There’s nothing there. It’s just an empty soulless place where profiles go to die. I think Myspace needs to be re-classified as ANTI-social media. Even emo goth kids can’t find it retro and hang out there. NO ONE is on Myspace. Even spammers have stopped using the site. Apparently, my logging in to Myspace sent an email to everyone I know. Not sure how that happened, but it’s more than a little embarrassing. It was more of a joke, now it looks like I’m actually trying to resurrect my Myspace profile.

My god, how bored am I going to be when this job is done? l got 1 email from someone who stated he forgot I wasn’t on Facebook this month. A nice referral on some film stuff to help a brother out. Got a 2nd email from an actor wanting to do a Cell Phone Monologue.

I’ve torn through all my Song of Fire and Ice books, I’m on the 5th of 6th Marvel movie books, and I’m forming a queue for reading. I’m even cutting my way through the stack of movies, one a night – just like I’ve been trying to do.

The cats seem to be in heaven for now. I think they both feel this is the right amount of attention they are supposed to be receiving. I’m overcompensating on my lack of human interaction and heaping it all upon them. By the end of the month they’ll either run in fear or they might start speaking and tell me that it’s just not working out, that they need space.

Since I’m on this big job, I’m taking a few weeks off from teaching. I’m missing 2 graduations of classes I spent the better part of a year with. I made a video yesterday that took about 30 minutes from shoot to delivery, with graphics.

All this made possible by NOT visiting a simple website.

I’m still bleeding a lot. I kinda thought this would slow down by now. Tea Tree Oil not working. Running out of bandages too. It’s hard to place bandages on your own back. I keep missing the right exact spot because I can’t see. I even tried a holding a mirror. Ever try placing a large gauze with one hand? Not the most effective way to do this.

“The wretched desert takes its form, the jackal proud and tight, In search of you I feel my way though the slowest heaving night, Whatever fear invents, I swear it make no sense
I reach out through the border fence, Come down, come talk to me”
― Peter Gabriel

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