Started the fixed Closed Captions out to tape, working them in-between the big job. Found out why one episodes got rejected – it had the wrong captions for the wrong episode! That was bad. Not sure how many deaf filmmakers are watching the show, but I’m incredibly sorry about that. Got to get back to finishing some new episodes soon. I need a change of scenery. Seeing some new part of the world I’ve never seen before will do me some good. I think I’ll try to go vagabond again, although I am getting a bit old for hostels and the like. I want to delve into some other cultures and find something different in the world.

I think my mojo is gone again. The muse left the building, and that sucks. You’d think I would be completely used to abandonment by now. It’s a fairly regular occurrence. I feel like that stupid kid that every time you remind him the fence is electrified, he still reaches out and grabs it. Stupid kid!

I was so lucky for so long. It never lasts. I’m a big boy. I knew that. Most people are the architects of their own demise. I made my own present, past, and future.

“Have I still got you to be my open door? Have I still got you to be my sandy shore? Have I still got you to cross my bridge in this storm?”
― Damien Rice

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