Given that the X-Men and mutant aspects of the Marvel cinematic world are in your hands, let me give you my opinion on the Internet as millions of others do as well. Marvel Studios, now with the mighty Mickey Mouse House are kicking your ass. Theoretically, they haven’t had a bomb, at least in context. Funny how people forget the INCREDIBLE HULK (2008) wasn’t a huge hit, and everyone pretends the 2nd Punisher movie, PUNISHER WAR ZONE (2008) actually did bomb, but regardless – Marvel has enjoyed Pixar level of success ever since. Here’s where you can develop your franchise into something better – TELEVISION. It’s my understanding you own a few networks (FOX, FX, FXX, and possibly FXXXXXX and beyond). In the way you pioneered edgy content on FX with the Shield, with an emphasis on shorter seasons, stronger stories – do that with the mutants.

Take the NEW MUTANTS concept, the one that morphed into X-FORCE, and turn that into a series. Talk about the right demographic, dealing with 15-25 year old mutants – in school, like a Mutant-Twilight series if you will (using my pitch-speak to entice executives into seeing dollar $igns). The original 1960’s X-men started as teenage students at Xavier’s School for the Gifted, and in the 1980’s Chris Claremont and Bob McLeod redid that concept as the NEW MUTANTS.

It worked and worked well, regardless of the unappealing name (NEW MUTANTS). Kids getting into trouble. The metaphor of being outcasts from society, as a minority means mining several great story arcs, relatable themes, and all in the perfect demographic for advertisers.

There are so many great characters from NEW MUTANTS and X-FORCE that have been heretofore unused that could create an interesting dramatic grouping. Another way to view this concept – X-MEN FIRST CLASS on TV, but set in the modern day.

You have the HELLFIRE CLUB and their school has a perfect parallel group, students to compete with, and a plethora of bad guys to play with in the diverse, rich X-men pathos.

And keeping a continuity with the other X-MEN movies, IE booking cameos from the main cast is essential. Pay Patrick Stewart an unholy amount of money to shoot bookends for most episodes, a wrap up and that will make it all worthwhile.

Let’s face it, MARVEL isn’t doing great with AGENTS OF SHIELD on a ratings or creative level, but I’ll bet the new NETFLIX series’ like DAREDEVIL leading into THE DEFENDERS will kick ass. Do you want to be coming up from behind, or get into the game?

P.S. Hire X2 writers Dan Harris and Michael Daugherty to write and produce the series as showrunners. That would be the best thing ever.

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