FRAMELINES got featured with FilmmakerIQ.com which is cool because I’ve been using their cool videos in my classes on the history of Aspect Ratios and Effects. They are producing videos at a level I am aspiring to reach. The global reach of communication boggles my mind even now. I’ve been online for 20 years at this point, still holding on to my original Hotmail email from 1992 as well. I like experiencing the wonderment of something taken for granted like how information gets transferred so fast so far. One of the things I want to re-edit this week is my directors reel. I’ve done some good work in the last 3 years since the last time I put this into the virtual splicer. All of FRAMELINES, the Cell Phone Monologues, and more. I’d like to see the improved and newer reel.

I’ve pieced together enough segments to make another full complete season 2 episode of FRAMELINES. Some of them still need edited, but I have them. That excites me. It will take about 2 weeks to complete, mostly because of the transcription. Writing out every single word spoken in a 30 minute show takes time.

Monday is a “[i]day off[/i]” from work, but it will be spent from morning to close at the Franklin County Municipal courthouse taking care of some bidness. I love the legal world. Even the most boring depositions through to the filing, I ain’t bored with it. Researching and finding a giant loophole that will help my financial position greatly just gets me all jazzed. This one little thing will open up several doors, so it rocks.

Did get out to see 2 movies last night. CAPTAIN PHILLIPS which was better than I thought it would be at a sneak preview, and the IMAX 3D of Alfonso Curan’s GRAVITY. I hate 3D, but I’d follow this filmmaker into the gates of hell after his HARRY POTTER entry and CHILDREN OF MEN. I wasn’t disappointed. If this movie doesn’t win BEST VISUAL EFFECTS and/or CINEMATOGRAPHY at the Oscars, I shudder to think of the film that would. FX in the service of the story – that’s what it’s all about. Or should be.

Big day in front of me. Going to tackle bits of at least 7 editing projects in front of me. From putting together episodes of both TV series to planning the new Reel to editing a tech tip and exporting a Roundtable segment for the web – got a lot to do and only so many hours in a day.

[i]”Every morning there’s a halo hanging from the corner of my girlfriend’s four post bed. I know it’s not mine but I’ll see if I can use it for the weekend or a one-night stand”
―Sugar Ray[/i]

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