Got a lot of prep work done for the next few edits. This weekend was supposed to be about time off, reorganization and cleaning of my world. I did some of that, but mostly I wrote out a plan of attack and reviewed footage. I had a ton of HD raw footage I had the inclination to repurpose. On one of these tapes, I discovered something heretofore unseen since it was shot. I have an all new tech tip for Framelines that I had absolutely no recollection of shooting in 2007. Next week, the Sonnyboo Intern Army can take a crack at editing this together, along with raw footage from my first ever shoots in HD and educational film videos. Even though this footage has been used for one prior tech tip for Framelines, I have no problem re-using it to make a separate point.

Originally, all I wanted to do was get the footage ready for a demonstration of editing, allowing students in my classes a chance to cut something they didn’t shoot themselves. Now I get to use it twice. I feel good about this discovery.

The basement in New Rossdonia has been modified with new desks and a minor rearrangement. The surround sound has some bad cables with a short in them. It means jiggling sometimes to get the subwoofer to kick in all proper. Still, things look and sound great on a big screen with booming sound.

I also replaced a HORRORS OF WAR poster in the living room with a new painting. There’s really only one poster left from that movie on my walls at home. Letting go of that past isn’t as hard as it seemed it would be. I’m ready for this new phase. New works, movies I am entirely proud of with little to no regret; that’s what I’m looking forward to.

This week, one class and one project to finish means one more shoot, several more edits, and prep for the next several shoots. Time to watch movies, get caught up on must see TV, maintain the cleaning, and tying the last loose ends on the worst chapter of my life. No matter what happens, it will be a good week.

“I’m perfectly lonely because I don’t belong to anyone & nobody belongs to me and this is not to say there never comes a day I’ll take my chances and start again”
― John Mayer

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