Spending a little time in Cleveland and Northern Ohio lately makes me miss my roots a little. Not too much, as I am very happy with Rossland and life therein. Editing at home has made a huge difference on a near complete lack of stress where work is concerned. Production, Post production, and all that entails keeps my head spinning like a top.
 I don’t hate it though. Being busy, travelling all over feels pretty darn good. I did miss the Emmy’s last weekend though. No surprise, I did not win one. I was not expecting to. I felt my submission was subpar and undeserving, so I can only imagine how people not me graded it.

The Summer of Ross comes to a close soon. With the end of the relaxation era will come a flurry of new works. We have so much post production for FRAMELINES piling up. Work on that commences with the Interns next week. Wrapping that up will take a while and secondary to paid work.

The kitten is getting bigger. She’s still so tiny compared to her two gigantic brothers, especially “V” who is abnormally large (meaning fat). Everytime I go away, she seems to grow. Still, she is very much a playful little kitten. Right now is the troublesome phase where all she wants to do are things that are forbidden. A few rolls of toilet paper have been unspooled. Some bags of chips torn open.

Ugh. I am sleepy and tired. After a few more edits, I shall partake of the nap time.

“How many years can a mountain exist
Before it’s washed to the sea ?
How many years can some people exist
Before they’re allowed to be free ?
How many times can a man turn his head
Pretending he just doesn’t see ?”
– Bob Dylan

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