Ugh. For a summer off, I sure feel busy. Teaching classes, shooting new material for FRAMELINES, and paid work for clients means I’m not so much getting time off as much as I am not doing anything for me. In the end, it will be okay. The butter is churning in my brain. Some ideas are forming and soon I will be making the movies again. And not just simple podcasts either. The panel last weekend for the Cleveland 48 Hour Film Project went great. It was at the Cleveland campus of the school I teach for and I had never been there. Everyone was great, students, fellow panelists, experts, etc.

I need to get better at things like writing thank you notes, which I did for them. I get too wrapped up in what I am doing and I forget to express my appreciation. I feel it, but expressing it has to happen more often.

My kitten is growing. She’s becoming a demon that climbs curtains and scratches feet and legs too often. My disciplinary technique of hugs and kisses seems to be sending the wrong message. “V” is distraught and unhappy all the time. He hates the kitten and his brother Lorenzo. Turmoil at all times. Separation has been my only answer.

I really don’t think I am going to the Emmy’s this year. I don’t think my odds of winning are good this time. I don’t want to be disrespectful or ungrateful for the opportunity. It’s expensive and a bit further away this year. It’s a tough call.

“She’s like so, whatever
You could do so much better
I think we should get together now
And that’s what everyone’s talkin’ about”
– Avril Lavigne

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