The last few days have been a flurry of shooting and prep for post production. Today I shot no less than 6 new bits. Yeah, some of them are all of :30 seconds long but they still count! I’m having trouble NOT creating and relaxing right now. It’s a pleasant diversion from certain stresses, although I cannot stop the inevitable. Just gotta keep on keepin’ on. The good news from today? All those projects I thought lost for FRAMELINES, 2 entire interviews – I discovered my anal retentive nature was even subconscious because I found a spare copy of all the raw footage on a portable drive. I have now made 3 copies of it all so as not to potentially lose it (again). The relief I feel from knowing I don’t have to ask anyone to do an interview again or an editor to cut these again is enormous. It’s time for celebration.

I have spent a good part of the day and night reorganizing raw footage and projects. File management and organization are entirely underrated. It is so much easier to find something when you need it if you put things in regimented folders and use the same method consistently. I’ve been refining my own systematic ways over the last few years and have not lost anything in over 7 years.

I have a shoot tomorrow for a friend. After that, time to get some editing done for me. Then some cleaning and packing. Things are looking good for the move so far. I’m perpetually skeptical after getting screwed over, but so far no warning signs that anything is wrong.

I revel in the inspiration and creation that is my Second Renaissance. Who needs some contest to make a movie? Not this guy…

“All my life I’ve kept my feelings deep inside
Never was a reason to let somebody know”
– Prince

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