Been sick for several days now. Gout and MRSA combined into an all encompassing funk that my body could not fight and my insides have paid the hefty price. Got all my judging done for the 48 Hour Film Project and turned in my results. Taught a lot on video/film today before nearly passing out. My brain is all over the map. Even with the weekend basically off, I still feel like I got no rest and my mind is tormented by the lack of completion of my own works. Planning for a shoot on Sunday takes a higher priority. It’s a simple thing, but something I need to get on a little more. I’ve got ideas and some plans for making this work.

I didn’t make it as a finalist in the Greater Columbus Arts Council Media Arts Fellowship this year! Oh well, no big deal. Rejection is a part of making movies. Judging and awards like this are entirely subjective. I don’t derive my sense of worth in the work based on such things. I’m glad I submitted so that they get enough support to keep giving the money every year. Someone benefits and if people develop bitter grapes over such nonsense as taking it personal they didn’t win; they don’t get it.

About to dive into some more movies soon. I’ve fallen off the watching wagon again. Watching movies, trying to be inspired, or learn what not to do – it should be a bigger part of my schedule, but I never make time for it.

Coming home, drained and dehydrated, barely able to stand, and the army of cats proceeded to attack me for love and attention. Laid down after the mass feeding only to be barraged by love. I think Vladimir Jack Bauer is handling the visitors way better than I thought. No, he doesn’t like them, but he’s tolerating them much better than I dreamed. Lorenzo is having a blast, but also unnerved a little.

Maybe I’ll take a lot more time off in late November or December. I need to recharge my batteries, get some time away from everything.

“Did you know that you could be wrong and swear you’re right? Some people been known to do it all their lives”
― John Mayer

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