After working on the site and resume, I realized my reel hadn’t been updated in over 4 years. This is something I want to do for potential investors as we gear up for fundraising hard core. If they want to see some snippets of my other work in a shorter period of time, this is it. I’d probably also include the entire short RELATIONSHIP CARD as a follow up.

A director’s reel is a tool to demonstrate a larger body of work in a short amount of time. You want to put your best foot forward. It’s my opinion only, but I like to show some versatility too. I like a broad range of styles and looks, but I wanted to shed the look of my movies from 10 years ago as much as possible. I got rid of most of the work from over 5 years ago.

In the case of this particular reel, I still wanted to show 2 whole scenes to demonstrate storytelling abilities. The two best things I’ve got are a clip from HORRORS OF WAR, one of the very few things in the movie that I am entirely proud of and now from ACCIDENTAL ART, the short. There are snippets and samplings from various other projects, including my new web series, but that’s for another time…

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