Knee deep in an enormous client project. This means long days, repetitive processes, and some degree of financial security. Twice a year we do this gig and every time I get immersed. What I can’t forget is the boys. Before, there was someone home to feed them if I needed to stay overnight at the studio and work. Not anymore, but I have a system to deal with that. I can do some of this work from home, which helps a ton. I love working near the boys of New Rossdonia. There is something very relaxing about petting a cat when you get stressed. The cats are also a pleasant non-destructive distraction.

I believe the movie MEMENTO is a perfect representation of what life as a cat must be like – never remembering what happened to them a few minutes before. My kitten Lorenzo is the living embodiment of this theory. He could be chasing the red laser dot and halfway across the room forget what he was running to do.

All other work is suspended for the next few weeks as I wrap this up. After that, I intend to get knee deep into some marketing for the short films, Framelines, and getting a whole lotta shoots knocked out. I have a plan.

Cleaned my office thoroughly. It’s hard to be organized in a project without a clean desk and workspace around you. Also, I need to be able to impress soon-to-be-clients.

New posters arrived already. Instead of both of them going to the spare bedroom, one of them went into the office proper. I like self-designed art work. Pride in ones work means I try harder to do better each time. The new cash flow means I can continue the home-repair/redesign soon enough. Possibly a very comfortable chair for movie viewing?

I’ve been walking a LOT since the weather warmed up. I’m back to a daily, no days off walking routine which I prefer. The difference is my heart seems to be reacting poorly. I wake up with minor chest pains (discomfort might be a better word for it) every 2-3 days. Maybe I’ll die bettering myself. Wouldn’t that be ironic?


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