Well, Sunday I did do my absolute minimal editing. It was something; a start if you will. I have barely begun to enjoy my new home. I have not read a word sitting in my library. I’ve only had a dozen people or so through here socially. And yet, I did hunker down and finish something small. Next up, some more ambitious post production and preparation for the next several shoots. With the editing came the subconscious stream of shooting ideas, which I love when the dominos fall as they are supposed to. Last night, as the mind wandered, a solution to a finicky problem that has been preventing a shoot was solved. I had an intention for a shoot to a Sonnyboo Podcast that was stuck, unable to see past that intent, but completely out of no where, my brain solved the issue with something that would work, and expanded on the original idea.

That door opened and a floodgate of alternate, more attainable goals appeared before me. Pen to paper (I’m old school), and ideas were jotted down. This along with the next interactive FRAMELINES tutorial means my dance card will fill up pretty quick, meaning a bigger delay to simply relaxing and enjoying my house.

Alas, twas not meant to be at this time. Hopefully I will have plenty of time at a later date. Given how little money I will have after furnishing and fixing the house, something tells me that sitting around reading by candle light might be one of my ONLY activities this winter.

“Fame, lets him loose, hard to swallow
Fame, puts you there where things are hollow”
– David Bowie

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