In the midst of this overwhelming project for the day job of making over 200 commercials, my mind wanders to the next project I have in store for myself. Making the 2nd interactive tutorial for FRAMELINES will satiate my need to do something and also get multiple ya-ya’s yo-yo’d. This little project will yield several little things, from a Tech Tip to the online interactive tutorial and a music video, and a multicam demonstration. And we will shoot in my new living room!

I’m so in love my with my new house. Having a garage is nice. Cooking in a much larger kitchen really makes a huge difference. I am cooking exponentially more. A brand spankin’ new fryer has been purchased and muchest vegetables have already been drenched in oil and clogged arteries.

The Boys, AKA my feline serfs, are taking a long time to get used to the new place. “V” gets around more than his brother Lorenzo. Lorenzo defines “Scarity Cat” and lives in constant fear of everything. The move has shaken him, but at night he roams freely and wakes me up every 20-30 minutes with a trophy of his adventures from hair ties to lint balls. I am gearing up to move them both into the basement with their litter boxes and food. Last night, Lorenzo made his first foray into the basement, excluding his exile in the subflooring and ceiling tiles above my office. The adventure into the basement was a filled with fear and crying, mostly at his own shadow, but he would come out for my voice, and purr when I pet him. There is hope for the little lad yet.

I plan on having a housewarming party soon to name the place, as in people will vote for ROSSLAND, ROSSTOPIA, or ROSS ANGELES. Setting a deadline will force me to do more arrangement, cleaning, and unpacking. I am mostly done thus far. The basement and home theater needs to be arranged. Some artwork still needs hung. Even with the annoying little dog barking his head off every morning – I cannot believe how much happier I am at this new place.

“To avoid complications
She never kept the same address”
– Queen

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