Going back to the courthouse Monday morning. I will enjoy costing a scummy law firm a bit more money, especially knowing they will never get it back. My filings are ready, schedule clear, and your faithful narrator will put some cherries on top of what has been an amateur victory over the evils of our financial system. After that, on to editing and delivering for a client. Working today on the project to ensure that the final product is ready on Monday. That’s life in this business. There are no real weekends or vacations per se. You put in the time when and where you can.

The industry has changed, or evolved if you prefer. This idea of $1,000 per finished minute client project hasn’t existed in a decade. The desktop editing revolution with digital has decimated the profitability of individual projects and we have to make it up in volume. That’s not lamenting the demise, simply stating the obvious.

“We can push with all our might, but nothing’s gonna come, nothing’s gonna change “
– Van Halen

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