Not only did I get the shot, but I went through hell motion tracking a title into it. Argh! The latest Cell Phone Monologue is complete. I danced the ceremonial Dance of the Finished Edit as required by the editorial gods along with a ritual sacrifice of Peanut Butter Cap’n Crunch. Now at long last, I can cut my Film Festival supercut of 3 monologues together! I was able to do the entire motion tracking debacle as a tutorial for the Sonnyboo Intern Army too. Then I moved on to explaining how we use templates that I create for FRAMELINES. It’s just a way to maintain a style, but also put all the heavy lifting on the front end, IE creating filmic transitions and queue sound FX in bins so that all anyone has to do is drag and drop to make a different look in the same style.

It makes sense to me since we ain’t making a lot of dough on a show for Public Broadcasting. I want to make these as easy as possible whilst keeping things fresh, at least for me. FRAMELINES is my philanthropic side coming out a bit, and I feel like promoting this show promotes everyone we profile and the entire community more than any single person or project.

During the whole animation process, I was experimenting and I asked someone their opinion. They said, “[i]It’s okay, but you’re going to do what you do…[/i]” I find this kind of thing frustrating. People mistake my arrogance of liking my work with being unwilling to listen. This isn’t the first time I’ve heard that exact quote. It isn’t remotely true. I reject bad ideas, not all ideas. Most ideas people have are bad, my own included. It’s the perpetual hunt for great ideas that drives me. I don’t care where or who they come from.

There’s a big difference between something being objectively better and preferentially better. The difference tends to be well thought out reasoning. If someone can eloquently and passionately explain why their preference on how their idea makes the piece better, it tends to make a more objective impact.

I respect truth and honesty, even when it’s harsh. I’m abrasive and I prefer to get hard opinions in return, even if I won’t like it or agree with it.

Feeling a little better. Not a lot, as in my bed sheets are stained with blood and currently in the spin cycle with a lot of Tea Tree Oil. It looks like someone stabbed me in the gut. Apparently, some readers of the blog would prefer that not be a metaphor.

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