CINESTUDY (formerly Framelines) presents an Interactive Project and EDIT CHALLENGE!

Anyone can download the raw footage and edit a mini-documentary!

For this Cinestudy project, we’re going to use the DOCUMENTARY FORMAT to edit interviews (A-Roll) and behind the scenes (B-Roll) footage.



Using the EPK (Electronic Press Kit) for the Disney+ series STAR WARS – THE MANDALORIAN, you can edit interviews with Dave Filoni, Jon Favreau, Pedro Pascal, Werner Herzog, and others. The goal is to create a mini-documentary as close to 3 minutes total run time. You choose a theme from the interviews and you get to decide what to focus on.



You’ll start with the interviews from cast and crew, also called the A-Roll. Choose what you feel is the most important sound bytes, short lines you can use, from each interview and place them on your timeline.


And to cover your edits, you’ll put the Behind the Scenes footage, called B-Roll on the video track above the interviews to avoid jumpcuts and to keep your mini-documentary visually interesting.


The B-Roll footage is “MOS” which means it has no audio on it. The video files are 1920×1080 23.976 frames per second

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Once you’re done, feel free and upload to any free video site. You can let us take a look by using the hashtags #cinestudy

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