Slogging away at this job. This is a gig we’ve done twice a year for the last 7 years. The average number of commercials we output is about 150-160. We have almost 600 spots that have to be done in the same amount of limited time. In the last 18 we have had a drastic change from dubbing these all to BetaSP and shipping them fed ex. Today, they are 100% uploaded in HD via FTP servers. You’d think that was quicker, but the file sizes and choke hold is a single ISP, so we have to head out with portable hard drives and upload like mad at several locations. I have 2 of the interns on payroll to help see this job through. It’s great when we can throw some money at the people who have slaved for us for class credit. I’m personally on day 9 in a row of working no break, all long days. Only another 8 days of no break…

Honestly, I love what I do for a living. I can’t picture doing anything else in my wildest imagination. I live an odd life. I don’t despise normalcy; I simply don’t desire it. Making movies, and by movies I mean video/audio/film/commercial/television/web content/anything with motion picture or sound, all of those are things I derive pleasure from working with. Getting paid to do it? Very few things beat that in life. Even when you work your ass off and have no time for anything but catnaps.

I did however find time to get a nice futon for the spare bedroom. It’s kind of the anchor for arranging the room and the artwork. After getting home from an 11 hour work day, I didn’t turn the computer on at all. By not doing that, I was freed to build the futon by myself. Lorenzo the crazy kitten was utterly fascinated. He tried to assist, in that he wrapped himself in bubble wrap, knocking over the giant shipping box, and getting stuck behind the storage bins.

I am going to reward myself soon. Marie’s Pizza is calling my name. I am such a nut for this food, I drive 1 hour and 43 minutes each way to eat at this historic monument to deep dish extra sauce cuisine.

I’m lacking sleep. I was still managing to walk every day until yesterday and the sudden drop in temperature by 20 degrees didn’t help either. It will be sunny and 70 degrees on Monday…. Welcome to Ohio weather!


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