Got a ton of editing done today. Finished the last tech tip I shot in December. Got the 2nd Movie Cliche podcast edited with final graphics and sound. I’m uploading 5 Framelines videos right now. All of this really comes down to procrastinating over the edit of a segment for Framelines. I have this interview that I’ve been putting off for over 2 years. What’s the mental block? I have NO IDEA. I went for a walk, in the rain. I was there to avoid the edit waiting for me and got to see some real nature at work. Saw a couple having sex on a park bench. I just kept on walking and he kept on a-pumpin’. I haven’t had the absolute desire to do it in public like that since I was 16.

Then I went bowling. Got 4 games in. Considering I haven’t played in a while, 2 of the games were in the 160-180 range. Low score of 128, high score 181. Sweating like a pig (which is not too far from the reality). Again, the sole purpose was to wear myself down so I won’t do this edit.

Even writing this blog right now has one purpose – to evade the edit of one story. I did edit 2 out of 3. That’s a 66% completion ratio. If I thinly justify that adding the encoding and uploading of already edited stories to YouTube, I’d kinda count this as a 70%.

It’s Sunday. I did a lot. I haven’t been sleeping worth a hoot the last several nights. I almost got an attack of gout today, but the exercise and grape juice (enzymes) helped stave off the pain. It’s been a few months since gout has bothered me. If only I could say the same about MRSA and the bigger problems coming my way.

God. I can’t concentrate. I’m putting off this last edit until tomorrow, screwing my plans for getting everything ELSE done then.


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