Screening went well last night. The new Cell Phone Monologues are doing good. The MOVIE CLICHE podcast is going to do great methinks. Switching to a hot blonde as the host, especially one with charisma and talent, makes a big difference compared to me, then casting myself as the tubby bachelor in a cameo, gets more laughs than I anticipated. When a room full of strangers laughs at your sloth; not the best feeling in the world, but that is entirely 100% my own fault. At least I knew going in what I was doing when we made this. Leftover Marie’s Pizza? Yes, please. This pizza stands the truest test; it tastes almost as good the 2nd time. I shot some nice footage while there, and in my old hometown of Wadsworth Ohio. To be able to teach the basic of a Docu-News format, I needed B-Roll shots to supplement a soon to be shot interview about my love of this pizza place.

You can tell I’ve got my mojo back because I’m shooting and editing EVERYTHING ALL THE TIME. I’m probably even going to shoot and edit a bunch of politicals for the elections for Mayor in New Rossdonia. Incumbent Vladimir Jack Bauer faces tough competition from the junior senator Lorenzo Lamas Jones. As Chancellor, I must remain somewhat neutral in the electoral process.

Since I worked Saturday and spent all day Sunday on the road, today will be a relaxing, gonna-bum-around-in-jammies-for-8-hours-kinda day. That’s not to say I won’t work, and after all the laughs at my fatness, if you think I’m not going to the park to do at least 4 miles; you’re mistaken (after I eat half a leftover pizza with 2 cans of soda – why is it a mystery I’m tubby?).

I made some editing tweaks until almost 4:00AM on the latest Cell Phone Monologue short. Again, my process has become to obsessively watch a cut and just let things grate on my nerves, then change those things. I sometimes swap takes or whole shots during this process because I want to find the internal rhythm of the scene itself, even though I can completely shape that with the slice of the razor tool. Editing really is like being the drummer in a band.

My office chair at home is broken. I don’t think I’ll fix it or repair it because it will keep me away from this damn computer.

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