Getting caught up on some reading of other people’s screenplays. I’m not producing or directing these, but just giving my opinions (I was asked for once). Giving notes on a scripts should never ever be done via email, lessons learned a long time ago. Always talk in person about what you like and don’t like. Hitting a major snag with Closed Captioning. Thinking this was already long settled, now embroiled in a technical snafu that I cannot unravel, even with the creators of Adobe code. We’re creating the Scenarist Closed Captions (*.scc) files in Sony Vegas, but they aren’t importing into Adobe CS5.5 or 6. Sony will let us go out firewire to tape, sans captions. Both version of Adobe would let us put out the Line 21 captions to tape via firewire, but we can’t get the captions into Adobe. A conundrum! Gonna try Final Cut Pro at the school tomorrow as a test and see if I can get this working.

On my semi-daily walk today, I started to reconsider one of my plans for the podcast. We have a lot of mini-movies to shoot and I wanted to shoot them in large 10-12 in a single shooting day block. That’s not panning out as I’d hoped. So I might start getting 1-2 done a week as I can work them in. I was pondering how to do one in particular and felt I could probably get that done in our studio, if we dressed it well enough.

I still have a single pickup shot for the latest Cell Phone Monologue, no actors needed. Just an establishing shot. Waiting to get a slider-dolly in to make it easier. I need the camera movement to match the next shot.

There is one additional Cell Phone Monologue that I wrote, and I’m not sure if I want to direct it or hand it off. It requires a much larger greenscreen or a location shoot I don’t know that I can do. I did have storyboards done for it recently and I love these. I’m torn. I don’t really need to do any more of these, but I am contemplating it.

Extensive storyboarding is about to begin on ACCIDENTAL ART.


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