Non-stop work. The work infects my dreams. Sleep is bumpy, but happens a little bit at a time. Maintaining the happy positive attitude represents the struggle of my life right now. Getting up before 9:00AM to teach really inhibits happy positive. I am NOT a morning person. Sometime around 1:00PM, I start to feel a bit cheerier. As cheery as Ross can get. It’s a sliding scale. Got another episode of FRAMELINES done. That means 15 down and 1 to go. Closed Captions today and tomorrow and this will all wrap up soon for the first season and a few episodes of the 2nd season. I’ve got some more tech tips to shoot soon too, but no idea when to schedule those in. I’m either going to re-encode the FILM TIPS DVD or start making a volume 2.Or I can make a Dual Layer, since I got a line on really inexpensive replication.

Shooting on Saturday. I crave being on set again. The collaboration, sense of teamwork that comes from making any movie always warms the cockles. This shoot is a collaboration on every level. I didn’t originate the script, but I am directing and I’ll find an editor for it.

Still have not seen the movies in the theatre I wanted to see (Django, Argo, Lincoln, Zero Dark Thirty). Have started watching WALKING DEAD. I miss Frank Darabont. The cast and crew for that TV show represented a reunion of Darabont THE MYST (including the camera team from THE SHIELD for all 3 projects).

Gonna try to get a bunch of editing done on Friday and maybe take Sunday off entirely – phone off, jammies all day, eating Funions, never had them before, but I may start just because of the name.

So much to do, so little time.

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