Another week goes by. This past Friday and Saturday I was doing long days as a camera operator on a gig for Scott Spears. He has moved back to Columbus from LA and has been freelancing himself quite a little bit. I needed the gig since I need some extra money for the European trip coming soon. It will help a lot as I gear up for the next phase in my development as a human being. Because I know my girlfriend does not read my blogs, and only sometimes looks at the pictures, I think it’s safe to announce a little secret here. I am planning on asking her some serious questions in Paris. Big questions. One might say that you “pop” this one, but that is an odd phrase that makes no sense to me. Don’t tell her. She doesn’t know. Plus maybe it’s all a ruse to see if she really is reading my blogs and not telling me. I have been known to be that cruel on occasion.┬áIt’s still not hitting me that hard that soon I’ll be on the other side of the globe again. My mind rarely bends outside of the focus I am on. I have been living inside the walls of Rossdonia and I need to open my eyes again to the world at large. Or maybe I just need cable TV. The things that entertain me are NOT what entertain most other people. I enjoy poking the psycho’s who fixate on me with a stick when I should be ignoring them and watching the latest episode of HEROES, a show I haven’t seen a single episode of. Part of the reason I don’t have cable is because I’d waste time switching channels in the ceaseless effort to find something good. It doesn’t help that in order to view things well, I’d need High Definition or I’d feel a bit cheated by the quality. Cable TV just looks awful.


I saw the movie “300” on Friday night on the “UltraScreen”, which used to be an Imax, but now it’s just “ultra”. I liked the movie. It wasn’t life altering or anything, nor would I say it was great, but I was entertained. I salivated after the trailers and I wasn’t disappointed, but I wasn’t blown away either. It looked great, but the graphic nature of it seemed less real than say Gladiator where the violence felt far more real and the locations/sets were more earthly. For me, it would have helped if we had more time with the characters, developed a relationship with them as an audience before putting them into the situation. That’s why LORD OF THE RINGS did this much more successfully in very similar setups; the difference being that we cared a lot for the characters. It was still a fun, mindless movie with great action scenes, and a little nudity.


Yesterday was a hard day. We took our man “V” to the vet to get fixed. It was difficult because, I have my testicles, and empathized with the loss of that part of your person because I never want to lose mine. He has become a part of our family very quickly, albeit with many hilarious troubles. “V” is a troublemaker, no doubt. He annoys, he attacks, he knocks things over, he has issues with authority, and loves to bite and chew. Lately, his sexual drive has gotten to the point where no one in th house is sleeping much because he’s trying to hump Coussette at all hours and the fights ensue. We made an appointment for last Friday, but since both Brandy & I were working all day, it wouldn’t have been fair, and we definately didn’t want to leave him at the vet’s all weekend. We re-scheduled for Monday.

So we got up at 6:00AM, an ungodly hour for all of us… except “V” who thought it was the greatest that we were all up when he was. Brandy went to get the car around front so the distance wouldn’t be so bad. “V” has been staring out the windows & doors, and has made several escape attempts just so he could get out into the universe. He’s a crafty one, he is. That is, until I took him into the universe. When I tried to pick him up, he assumed it was Chase Game, and hid. It took 3 minutes to get him and take him to the car. Once in, he ran to the back window, and got excited & curious. Then the car moved…


Brandy’s driving is erratic and bumpy. Needless to say, this was unpleasant for “V”. He freaked out and hid under her driver’s seat. Then he crawled forward, under her pedals and she drives stick. We had to pull over, put on the hazards, and get him out. I put him by my feet and he hid there, but constantly tried to get back to her feet. Then he hid under my passengers seat. He howled and complained the whole time we were on the highway. We got to the vet’s and they weren’t open yet, and there were many cars waiting. We decided to let our man calm down & let the line go through. I pet his head and talked to him. He popped his head out from under the seat, and eventually, with much petting, came out all the way. He was not thrilled, but more calm. Eventually, I went in to fill out the paperwork and Brandy brought him in when I finished. “V” was calm until a dog started barking and barking. Then the shivering and claws came out.

We left him with the vets and went home. They called less than 2 hours later saying he made it out of surgery okay and we could get him anytime after noon. Knowing how stubborn and persistent he is, we had to get one of these “Elizabethan” collars, the cone head, to keep him from licking his wound. “V” hates it. He is uncomfortable and whining. When he tries to jump through the arms of chairs like he used to, he gets slapped back down and falls disoriented. I slept with him in the basement last night and he purred on my chest. Today is babysitting day with him as he gets used to it. His pain seems to have faded and the drugs have all worn off. Our man “V” pulled through like a champ. We have to keep the cone on his head for a few days at least, but he really hates it. I feel it necessary to scratch his head all over once an hour because he can’t. Imagine having an itch on your face and being physically incapable of scratching it. I imagine my creepy stalker-types reading this understand this feeling all too well.


I’m going to work on my 2 scripts for 2007 while in Europe, but mostly on long train trips, flights, and even off days. I want a part of this trip to be a vacation, a no stress, fun time. I can’t wait. The excitement grows inside me everyday until I leave. Now I have the extra $$$ to pay bills ahead and not be stressed when I get home for April’s bills, mid-month. I’m making more MP3’s of director commentary tracks for my portable MP3 player. I’m trying to pick more stuff I haven’t heard or haven’t listened to as much of. I also got a 1 gig memory card for the camera I got Bandy for her birthday, in actuality my Mom gave it to me to give to her. It’s a nice 5 mega pixel camera, and with the 1 gig card, we can get over 800 pictures on it, plus the 512 megabyte card that came with it, puts us at 1,200+ pics for the trip. I need an abundance of AA batteries, plus AAA for my other toys.

I’m going to put a new door and a lock on the basement while we are gone. I’m going to move most of the valuable down there while we are gone. It will be safer if I’ve got everything locked up and taken care of. I just don’t want anything too valuable stolen while we’re gone for many days. I only have a few items that mean a lot to me. Thank god we have a few friends coming over to check on the kitties and our stuff every few days, but still… paranoia.

The weather here has suddenly gotten beautiful. My windows are open, the fresh air circulates through the house. The kitties smell the universe, and I can just feel that spring has arrived. Here’s hoping that we can all stay up and positive as the year trudges forward.

More later, much later my acolytes. I have much to do, not the least of which involves entertaining a recovering kitty.

Peace and love and good happiness stuff,

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