Trying to lose weight sucks! 7 days in a row going for walks ranging from 1-4 miles and I’m not getting any better. I thought I’d have lost, like 40 pounds already! At least I feel like I’m ‘earning’ my pizza and chicken fingers ([i]fried and slathered in honey mustard[/i]). In a weird way this is like being ‘in training’ to do more shoots and be on my feet a lot more during the moviemaking. I plan on making a lot of material in the next few months. I also hope to [b]survive[/b] the experience. As soon as this big job slows down some, gonna get back to some painting and repairs around the homestead. I’m still formulating what I will do to the spare bedroom. A futon that someone may sleep on is a must, but the rest – I don’t know. Maybe it will become the new ‘library of Rossdonia’, although there is already an annex in my bedroom with an overstocked bookshelf with some classics and rarities, plus the corner shelf on the stairs is already overflowing with literature.

I’m considering a very movie theatre style reclining loveseat for the basement. I watch enough movies and TV series down there to really make it super-comfortable. The recliner I inherited from my father has served me well, but the padding is so bad I can feel the 2×4 wood on my ass. Either I can get a single recliner to replace it or possible a nice couch-loveseat-with-console-cupholders thingy that I found for an absolutely killer price. Especially since it’s like those plush movie theatre seats and it will be seriously awesome.

I need to reward myself for being a good boy, working hard, making the bills, and basically feeling good. Karma loves me right now. She’s my new girlfriend, if you will. This July I’ll find out if I have to dump Karma for a new girlfriend, a certain wily young gal named Emmy™…

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