This weekend I will test market a part of the new webseries to see how it plays and get notes. I’m pretty sure I have solved the issue with the ‘host’ (me). I’m going to rotate the hosts out and switch it up all the time. I don’t have to be on camera. It’s such an unattractive thing, me, on screen even for under 2 minutes. As I recently described on another blog, sometimes ideas just flow like a river. I feel so greatly inspired these days. I’m not in love, or even in lust, with anyone, nor am I motivated by any sense of competition, as no one I know is doing what I am doing. Definitely not revenge, as this project has no venom to it.

I’m not 100% sure what my muse is, but it’s not a real person per se. I don’t want to question this too deeply, as I don’t want to let go of the productivity. All I really know is that I am in love with the work itself again and that inspires me to do more. Inspiration may be somewhat finite, as it comes and it goes, no one knows how or why, but strands you sometimes. Right now, an angel holds me in her arms and keeps me on this path.

Away from the astral plane, I’m in need of a small group of consistent actors for this webseries. They will play many different characters for very short periods of time. This stable of talent will be in over 30 mini-movies, done almost sketch comedy style, but it isn’t sketch comedy exactly. I need versatility and I will dub thee “The Sonnyboo Players!”.

Just expanded Clip Frames to San Francisco! That’s pretty cool. We might slip some FRAMELINES in there too! Special thanks to the good friends that want to add that in there.


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