I wanted to show a demonstration of what is currently, and even more prevalent to the future, the way of popularity and what is a viral video. Someone sent me this video in a private message on VIMEO for a YOUTUBE video that he thought was funny.

Here is the original video

The brother in this news story was so over the top, I almost thought this was a faux news story from a sketch comedy show. It wasn’t; this was real. A 2nd link accompanied the first, saying this was a “REMIX”, which is a very common thing in online videos.

I then watched this

The “auto-tuned” voice to create an urban pop song from this news story and the added brilliance of the creators of this video adding themselves as newscasters/greek chorus, all show an incredible amount of creativity and professionalism for 2 guys who are barely out of high school. 8 million + views later, and you have mass entertainment, where the phrase “15 minutes of fame” might just get cut down to 15 second in 10 years or less. I think what they did was nothing short of genius.

This is the new short form entertainment. Copyrights are being blurred in the same way the sampling did for rap music in the late 1980’s, early 1990’s. It’s a new art form and it’s here to stay. REMIXING other movies, especially the way people are creating hilarious trailers like this one…

I can’t imagine someone seeing that trailer, then seeing Kubrick’s movie…

“SHINING” kind of started the entire trend a few years ago. Now there are remixes of almost every movie trailer out there. Now these videos go “VIRAL”, meaning like a rumor, people send these links all over the place and like an avalanche, if it’s good, millions of people will see it.

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