Edited my The Greater Columbus Arts Council (GCAC) and The Columbus Film Council (CFC) Media Arts Fellowship Grant DVD demo. Wow, that was a mouthful. I was a finalist last year, and this is only the 3rd year of these grants. There’s three $1,500 grants and one $3,500 grants and none of the winners from the past 2 years can submit again yet, so mathematically, my odds have increased.
 Nah, I’m not going to win, as there are so many ‘better’ than me. That is such a subjective term, plus knowing some of the judges and what their subjective tastes are, I have little to no hope of winning. I take no offense to that. I sat in on the judging panels last year. It was interesting and cool to see it open and how it works.

Winning isn’t everything. Winning to me is getting cash for another project, or a feather in the cap that makes the next project easier to get done. I’m not into the competition side of this. Same with things like the Emmys. It’s not about beating someone else ever.

Film is not a sport. There is no scoring system. It’s art, even when done for commerce.

Did a fill in A/V gig this week. This was playing out short intro videos at an awards ceremony. I really don’t mind that kind of work on occasion. Getting a free meal, and not a cheapo one – the same as all the big spenders in the room.

About to start a big commercial job for several weeks. That ought to help keep me off of Facebook. It also means money, and a down payment on the new mortgage. New Rossdonia has been improving a little more of late. New range, back porchlight fixed. The wall above the cabinets in the kitchen painted. Soon a new window in the master bedroom.

The boys of Rossdonia are well. Vladimir Jack Bauer is getting really fat and lazy in his older years. Lorenzo just gets sweeter and more loving. The boys are a blessing, something that keeps me grounded. I swear, I don’t know who is emulating who. Either I am becoming more like them and purring when I’m happy or they are laying around and feeling bliss just for laying around.

Already, am I getting back into watching movies. Lord of the Rings Blu Rays – check. Going to the 2nd run theatre for a double feature? On deck. Watching movies might help inspire to make more movies.

As doors close, others open. Sometimes you’ve gotta sit in the dark for a bit before you see where to go.

“And our freedom’s consuming itself, what we’ve become, it’s contrary to what we want”
– Muse

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