Coming down from the high of a shoot mixes exhaustion and elation. Even a half day shoot eats away all energy, plus all the prep still means a 7:00AM wake up, and not getting home until after 8:00PM, at least when you produce the movie too. Sleep felt more like a coma the night after this shoot. Perfect, restful sleep included the happiest of dreams. I am attacking a few of these other edits this week before I get to even start much with this new Cell Phone Monologue. I’ve got one last Moviemaking Technique to edit from what I shot last December. I waited until this shoot to pickup a single insert shot.

Even with only a single class on Friday morning, I’m not getting nearly enough done this week. I need a real set time off to both relax, recharge the batteries, then widdle away the workload I have created.

Not the least of which is setting up 3 very large shooting days for the webseries. I’m not done directing and being on set this summer, not by a damn sight. I’ll be honest, this was such a rush shooting something that’s been in my head for over a year and a half.

Oh, and FRAMELINES has just officially won a Telly Award! Which rocks and I hope it bodes well for the Emmy nomination too, but we’ll see in a few weeks. Fingers crossed.

I’ve never submitted for a Telly before, so this is new. FRAMELINES winning some awards just as we’re about to premiere new episodes rocks.


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