I am so lucky. There are people in my world that just save me left and right. If it weren’t for others, I’d be screwed. The Closed Captioning Nightmare 2013 has been solved. An upgrade to Sony Vegas 12 saved the day. Captions from the updated software are ingesting just fine with Adobe Premiere CS5.5, outputting to tape on Line 21, and FRAMELINES has been saved. All because of the generosity of others. I went to about 3-4 people for help and everyone generously took time and made efforts to solve my problem with me, not the least of which was the empathy from the Sonnyboo Intern Team. They helped make suggestions, tried alternate options. Teamwork is the way to go.

Shot a couple new things today. I have no idea when I’ll get to these 2 new clips. I have a new Cell Phone Monologue that starts cutting on Saturday, plus it needs one last establishing shot for the head. I can use an animatic from the storyboards to fill in for now. We’re getting a new slider in a few days and schedule the shot after that.

I feel so much more relaxed now. An unsolved riddle kills me inside. I am gonna sleep like a baby tonight.

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