FINALLY! I got something edited since the move. It was only 36 seconds, but I got it done for me. Working in an hour or so of editing and animation that was what I wanted to do made a nice release of tension after over a month of life unraveling with the move, work, and teaching. Of course it just makes me hungrier to get to the rest of what I have shot and in need of editing… When I get more time, I will have to get to the pile of shot but unfinished projects. I cannot wait, as in I am excited to return to working on things I want to do. As much as I am enjoying life, the house, even work; my first love are film and video projects. Making things, completing them, and then releasing them into the wild equals a joy unparalleled for me.

The house has really come together. Home theater is a-rockin’, very loud DTS surround. Getting used to NOT having to share a wall with neighbors means being able to watch BLADE RUNNER at 4:00AM full tilt volume if I want to. Getting a fully functional bar complete with bar stools means adult entertaining. “V” has normalized to the new house, but little Lorenzo still isn’t 100% just yet. At night, he’s king of the house, but during daylight hours, he hides in fear of all sights and sounds.

The dark days are over for now. I am free of the dark clouds that sat over my head every day. I continue to sever ties to negativity in every way. I feel amazing, like I could take on the entire empire by myself.

Back to it for me, my droogies.


Your friends are sorry for me
They watch you pretend to adore me
But I’m no fool to this game”
– Sheryl Crow

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