I got some extra work, but I’m stockpiling for the potential drop off of work this summer. Although it behooves me to deny my editing and graphics work on the 2 new Sonnyboo shorts, it would be wise to take the extra paid work while it lasts.
 I was a broker. It feels like a lifetime ago, but I still have vague non-descript memories of my time at Banc One Securities Corp, selling mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and money markets. I recognize certain patterns and also one of my more cynical and as yet disproven theories is that people are unreliable, but that at least makes them predictable.

As much as a positive thing the stock market being “up” for nearly 2 whole weeks, I would prefer to play it conservative and make a prediction that the fall offs and lows have not been seen yet.

These things go up and down. I expect at least one more nose dive of the stock market before it’s over and truly starts to recover. I think it might get down to 3900 as the all time low, but that also fears for the worst.

It might not, but I expect some unforeseen event/information will rock the stock market down again. Could be another Ponzi scheme, or another Enron style controversy, but there are still some skeletons in closets that have not been exposed. If one of them gets found before the end of the year by people, happenstance, or journalists or the SEC, then the deck of cards will fold again.

There’s a chance no one is looking because of the catastrophic after effects it could have. Bernie Madoff might be the sacrificial lamb in favor of all the other scammers not getting publicly busted, and everyone else gets a warning to clean up their acts (and balance sheets).

We shall see. I hope I’m wrong, but no one can truly predict the future with any level of accuracy.

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