My first article I’ve written for VIDEOMAKER MAGAZINE has come out. You can see it online HERE (click here). There is an accompanying video which worked well, although I sold all rights to it to VIDEOMAKER MAGAZINE when I did it. 

Having a column in print and being a professional writer for a video magazine feels good. I can’t complain. I like it a lot. It’s a resume builder, but also fun to do. This cannot hurt when talking to investors and distributors to say, “Oh and I’ve written some articles for VIDEOMAKER MAGAZINE.” Validation and professional recognition all serve the higher purpose of making the movies and telling the stories I want to make.

We’ve got the new bathroom 95% done. And my half of the kitchen is nearly done. I got a new pantry since the condo lacks sufficient storage for our needs. Since the Xmas Eve gig paid out, I went ahead and ordered the navy blue cushions for the breakfast nook. Not sure why it takes over a month to deliver them when the website says “in stock”, but it does. I have a place to eat again that is not either over the stove or sink, nor is it on a desk in front of a computer monitor. Once again, there is a kitchen table and chairs. I’ve already had one script meeting at the new table and I’m minutes away from a second.

Life doesn’t suck, although I’m still distraught and sending out empathy to Scott. It’s one of life’s reminders that time can be precious. I’ve spoken to Scott a few times and I hope he realizes how much people care about him. Everyone who’s heard about his tragedy has offered whatever help that he might need. Very classy, people can be sometimes.

That’s all I gots at this time.

Peace O’ Readers of the Blog,
Peter John Ross, Esquire

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