The death of Prince has me distraught. From 1982, the first time I heard 1999, I was hooked. It was the 1992-1996 period that was particularly interesting to me, as I was a musician at the time and Prince was getting into some really interesting phases. I was at Kevin Smith’s gig at Kent State when he told the Prince story – you can even see my on the other mic for the next question after that. What I learned most though was that doing art because you love it is more important than money. Most celebrity deaths don’t get to me, Prince’s death does. Still going to the gym regularly. I won’t lie, I want to look my best for the Emmy ceremony this year. I have that level of vanity. Also, deep concern for my health, but vanity plays a small role too. Learning to drink more water is the toughest part. So far, so good.

I have whittled down the list of edits on my plate down. I’m getting more done of late. This new work ethic helps keep me on track. Attacking a little each day, no matter what. I need to balance my lack of creative energy with the work ethic and trudge forward regardless.

I made a list. I typed out this short list of “Things I Should Be Doing Instead of Wasting Time” and having it printed and taped to my desk reminds me often to get more completed. I wanted to compile several articles I have written, and Scott wanted to do the same and we are combining them into a book collection under the FRAMELINES banner.

Even just compiling takes a lot of time and effort, as in I am a perfectionist about fonts, sizes, images used, the order of things, etc. I designed the covers for the book already as a “break” from the editorial work on the text and content. Again, taking inspiration from old 1950’s jazz albums for color and aesthetic, I came up with something groovy.

Must make food and get back to work.

“So what is the answer 2 the question of u
What do I look 4, what shall I do?
Which way do I turn when I’m feeling lost?
If I sell my soul, now what will it cost?”
– Prince

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