This whole major time off thing is either addicting or maddening. When I indulge in the urge to binge watch, I go for many hours in a row and devour entire seasons in 2-3 days. Or I clean and work on self made projects for hours. This newfound time thing rocks except I lose myself to time suckage more than not. Since the return of Netflix (thanks Mom & Dad for getting a subscription that includes my devices), I have watched several great British series. I have a deep love of these shows from the other side of the pond. On a few occasions I have mentioned how great these shows can be. Their editorial and cinematography dwarf most American television shows.

UTOPIA, a weird UK Twin Peaks style show, gripped me from start to finish. It was political, mysterious, borderline sci fi without ever crossing into science fiction. Best to know as little as possible before watching it.

LUTHER, starring Idris Elba, if watched would silence any detractors to the idea of a black James Bond. In fact, I had heard of this series for years and never gave it a go. After all the controversy over Idris possibly being in the running, and someone actually made a remix trailer for SPECTER with clips from the LUTHER series, I made the plunge. The series is entirely addicting and never loses its luster. A brand new “series” (what the Brits call a ‘season’ of telly) come out in a few weeks and I cannot wait.

SHERLOCK has a new one off 90 minute movie coming up on new years, and also in theaters as a special event screening. because of this series, I will never watch the inferior ELEMENTARY, as it is too Americanized and makes me want to vomit.

Got my STAR WARS FORCE AWAKENS tickets today for opening night, 7:00PM show. I do not know what to expect and that is a good thing. I am now avoiding all the TV spots online. I prefer a spoiler free experience the first time I see a movie. JJ Abrams can at least take that to the bank, that he has cleverly hidden the plot and the trappings of modern promotion (or more apropos ‘over promotion’).

I simply do not have any expression for the lack of tension in my world right now. Sleeping good, eating well, and working on several projects with writing and actual development. The cats are helping with the work as best they can.

“I’m tired of the wait and sees
I’m tired of that part of me
That makes up a perfect lie
To keep us busy
But hours turn into days
So watch what you throw away
And be here to recognize
There’s another way

Give me some rope
Tie me to dream
Give me the hope to run out of steam
Somebody said it could be here
We could be roped up, tied up, dead in a year”
– the 88’s

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