Another Cell Phone Monologue shot! Worked with SAG paperwork, shot in the Columbus Museum of Art, and a killer cast/crew. NOW I feel like I’m putting a dent into my list of things to do. I guess it helps when this shoot has been in my books for almost 18 months, sitting there in my brain, annoying the Obsessive-Compulsive side as it languished undone. Prep work involved storyboarding, casting, rehearsals, shot lists, location scouting, getting props and costumes etc. All worthwhile to make an easier, flawless shoot day. If you do your homework, study for the exam, statistically you will do better on the grade. Never is that more true than on a shoot.

This was one of the shoots where I knew exactly how I wanted it to look every single moment before it was shot. Of course real world locations and lenses affect the mental image versus reality, but we managed to surpass my expectations on every turn.

Now I am very tired, worn down. Back to the grind, although luckily I only have one class this week. I might just get caught up on sleep and some other editing. OCD dictates that I have to finish all my little past due edits before I can cut on the shiny new project.

That might be a mistake, as in editing on something when you’re hot to do it tends to be better. At the same time, I need to motivate my finishing all these other odds and ends staring down at me. Miraculously, my subconscious ain’t too bright and it doesn’t realize I’m dangling a metaphorical carrot and I fall for it most of the time.

I’m actually kind of stupid. I just think that I’m clever. And I am sleepy. I want my lumpy pillow. And my cats.

Something tells me my dreams will be quite wonderful tonight. Days like today are what I will remember most fondly when I look back on my life. If I died tomorrow, I don’t think I’d regret it today.


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