Holding steady. Between teaching two classes and editing, I have very little free time. It’s causing a lack of sleep which is not helping my walking and workouts. I’m still carving out time but man is this hard sticking with this. All my body and mind want to do with a full day off is watch a Marvel Movie Marathon or Lord of the Rings Trilogy for 12-14 consecutive hours ordering pizza and not getting off the recliner. I can’t even make the time to watch a SINGLE movie without other things going on.¬†On a technical side note, I now own (as in inherited) 3 blu ray players. I have one on each flat screen TV. They each have upsides and downsides. Some don’t have the analog outputs at all, some don’t have the optical digital outputs, and others have an RCA digital audio output. Each one has different load times for a blu ray disc. Others skip at the “dual layer” point or completely hang up for up to 2-3 minutes. Now I’m dealing with LIONSGATE Blu Rays that play the previews but never arrive at the menu.

Yes, I do the regular firmware updates. One of the players I was given was because it sounded like a helicopter taking off whenever a standard def DVD was put in it. One firmware update later and it works flawlessly.

At this point though, I can totally see why media-less file based content is going to dominate before these optical disks have a chance. Because of the technical glitches of each blu ray player and my need to immerse myself in extras, I legally rip the bonus features (from disks I own) to MKV files and watch them on my WDTV at work, or use them as demonstrations in class.

Much like music, the writing is on the wall. Datafiles and the cloud are going to dominate and in many ways replace material things. That’s the way it was on Star Trek.

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