Your faithful narrator has been busy. I occupied this fallow, low income time with many projects. I finished the pilot episode to 1 of 2 TV series. I just worked a ton of long days editing together the whole 29 minutes, including graphics, intros, and even shooting some last minute greenscreen and studio work. Now on to the 2nd series pilot!
┬áSunny 95’s Dino Tripodis hosted the show for us and we had 5 distinct segments to the show. A Filmmaker Profile where we look at someone’s body of work and interview them, a Spotlight On segment where we look at a person or place or group and get a quick story on that, filmmaking tips, like the ones I’ve already made and that Scott Spears has made, then we go On Location for B-Roll heavy interviews with a movie during pre-production, production, or post-production and get an inside look, and finally my baby the Roundtable discussion.

Sometimes I can pull a rabbit out of a hat. I think I did that with the title sequence and intro to the show for sure, but possibly with the show as a whole. I was deeply inspired by the show VIEWFINDER in Cincinnati, but I wanted a completely different format, a magazine style show that went on location and legitimized the indie film movement as it is today. Scott came up with a great name for our show, FRAMELINES.

Here is the opening and title sequence for FRAMELINES

Framelines Opening Title Sequence from Framelines TV on Vimeo.

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