Imma gonna do more work. Time to get FRAMELINES season 1 all the way done complete with 3 bonus episodes. I’ve got so much work to do with it, but now it’s high time for me to personally get ‘er done. I’m planning a bit of a blitz for January, so I’d need them complete in December. What I have to do is edit a few hours of multicam for two roundtables, get some stories done, find some B-Roll, and make a tech tip or two. Once things slow down on the work fronts, both at school and the studio, I will put a lot of time into this project.

Luckily I’ve setup a Matrox editing system at home so working off of portable drives and moving projects between the office and home has become easier. Since I’m all alone now, I like working near my boys. It’s also easier to just work at your own pace. If I want to eat Cheetos with my boxers on my head, there aren’t nearly as many complaints as there are at the office.

FRAMELINES means a lot to me. It’s philanthropic, informative, and most important to me – educational. It’s bringing light to the indie film community, no matter how big or small.

I just don’t know if I want to do a second season. It’s so much work and so little reward. I love the episodes, but my standards are so high that making each episode kills me when I put them together. I spend so much time nitpicking the show.

We’ll see how I feel when I get these done.

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