I spoke today at a convention and indie film/new media festival. I was asked to talk about marketing and indie film in the new era. I really hadn’t prepared as well as I should have, as in I did not have a video presentation or any kind of power point. I don’t like to do things and ‘wing it’ as it were.

 Luckily, this is a topic I can and probably do talk about in my sleep. Merging old styles of marketing with the new social media and internet trends just makes sense. Dumping one in favor of the other seems short sighted. I’m a big believer in taking the best of both worlds and combining them.

My only wish was that I had
A. Lost more weight
B. Kept more hair
C. Didn’t dress like DEXTER

Anyways, I was also concerned that I would only be able to fill in 30 minutes of my allotted 1 hour 15 minute time slot. I should have known that once I started rolling, my mouth would just keep on trucking, as it always does, and it did.

Overall, I think I did pretty well. I tied up my opening statements with where my semi-pointless meandering lead me, and that probably made it seem like I planned it all along, but I didn’t. In fact, I gave myself some new ideas.

I handed out over 20 sets of 12 episodes of FRAMELINES and 15 complete sets of 26 episodes of CLIP FRAMES to multiple television outlets throughout the Midwest. Getting everyone’s story out there feels good.

Now I’d like to go on vacation soon.

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