Ahoy their acolytes of Boo. This is your captain speaking and I’m here to rock your world. Not really, I’m quoting the Artist Formerly Known as and currently known as Prince from a 1995 track. Your faithful narrator has been a busy worker bee. Many things happen and work has been accomplished. I have been covering for my sometimes boss as he teaches in one of the Carolina’s, I don’t think I’ll ever be able to tell them apart since I don’t do any work there in those states yet. Instead of being a free-from-responsibility freelancer, I’ve been trying to take care of business. It’s very odd to have a semi-regular income again. It’s been so long that a week ago I over-paid on my utilities. I found a “past due” notice and paid it up, not knowing that it was a bill from April. It seems utility companies tend to keep the extra money and apply it to your next bill, since you know… you’ll owe them more money anyway. I’m okay with that, it just means I have less money owed next month. I won’t be writing any new checks for many weeks. That feels good in it’s own way.

Next up, a new car methinks. Something classier and definitely more reliable. I’m sick of the sporty, sleek, penis cars. No more mustangs, unless it’s a 2006 model with blue racing stripes. Even then, I might have to pass on it because I’m sick of the unreliable vehicles that look good.

We’re coming up on the 2007 INDIE GATHERING in Cleveland where I have been going for the last 2 years. I’m already set to be on at least 3 filmmaking panels and have a booth. This year, I have my book to sell, as well as a new publication, the HORRORS OF WAR ILLUSTRATED SCREENPLAY in book form. It’s a test bed of maybe 4-5 copies to see if anyone’s interested. The storyboards by Mike Bruinsma (as well as Dan Kiely and Shawn Collins) are pretty good. We’ll see what people respond to. I plan on having a blast, as I will be hanging with the Great & Powerful Johnny Wu for a weekend and that has yet to be non-fun.


Somewhere in the last week I have found a reservoir of energy. I’ve been cleaning at home a bit more, doing more things, and still finding time to start watching movies again, albeit slowly. I watched LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE again last night. Great flick and one I saw 90% of at the theatre, but then had to go to the movie I actually paid for. It pays off in the end in a big way. Loved it, I did.

I found a Japanese company that is selling copies of my short film, or at least I think so. It’s hard to read.


I continue to sell more copies of the BEST OF SONNYBOO DVD. I chalked up 4 more sales this week alone. I don’t really advertise this or anything. It’s just there. People buy it. Go figure. I won’t try to analyze it; I’ll just keep making my PayPal deposits.

Because of the INDIE GATHERING, I have a nice deadline to get more done on the HORRORS OF WAR feature length documentary. I’d like to have something to show in some way. It’s got it’s points, but editing full time, then coming home to edit doesn’t make for a well-rested Rossman. It makes a cranky, burned out, eyes bleeding Ross-person. Combine that with the editing on Derek’s ETERNAL, and the Ross needs sleep, and the Ross needs more time to his-self.

I just finished digitizing 25 tapes of HD footage on ETERNAL. It was a pain in the ass, but it’s done and it all fit on my internal drives (dutifully backed up to 2 portable drives as well). There are now 6 Standard Definition (SD, regular mini DV) tapes to digitize, but I can get those ingested into my edit system later. There’s less of a rush on those. FYI – Today is THE DEREK’s BIRTHDAY.

I am receiving script pages 1-2 times a week for what may very well be my next feature film. I have not decided which one of 2 projects will go next. I want the scripts to be perfect first. We shall see. Neither will begin shooting before 2008. I will continue to make some income, deal with my health issues (need to keep trying to get in better shape), and all other things that come from being me.

In the HORRORS OF WAR category, not much new to report. We got another check in to disperse to investors. That’s always great news. I like giving back to the hands that helped me. When it is possible, writing checks out feels better than anything else. Scott Spears showed some of the WEBDOCS to students, who then demanded to see the film itself. I think there is a definite market for the film… if it actually gets released in the U.S. It’s not a film for everyone; it’s not even a masterpiece by any stretch, but it’s a fun movie with something abnormal to it. I think the bending of the genres worked for our story. I can live with the opposing points of view, as I am content with the movie.

“V” sleeps in the window, staring into the universe. Brandy sleeps on the couch behind me. Cousette whines and cries for attention. All is well in Rossdonia on this peaceful Sunday. Peace out my homies.

– Ross

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