Finished another Sonnyboo Podcast, this one might cause some controversy. It isn’t THAT controversial, but because people (like myself) think they are right on a very subjective concept, it will probably stir some pots. My intent was not to cause a stink, but I have a great deal of passion for my point of view and I expressed it in this podcastShot this last Friday, and already had all the After Effects animation, editing, and backgrounds done in less than a week. Managed to carve out the time in between teaching classes and working on paid edits, and even friend over for movie night.

I love that zone when I can see what I want in my head, then make it happen. This was one where the slate wasn’t nearly so blank when it came to imagery and animation. I knew exactly what I wanted and I got really close to nailing what was in my head. The creative process began with a conviction I believed in, then transmuted into a shoot and animation that fit well with things I could create.

Another FRAMELINES tech tip is in the queue, along with several more of the FRAMELINES-MOFA panel discsussion with Actors (© Copyright FRAMELINESAll Rights Reserved ®).

I love love love being creative, getting stuff done, and putting it out into the world. This sees to be my lot in life. Especially when the material does any kind of teaching or supplements my teachings in classrooms.

Going to speak at yet another High School next week. Going to make a 45 minute presentation on pre-production. Yet another thing I love – teaching and warping young minds with my opinions and experience.

Must continue working… this blog doesn’t count.

“A man needs love to live, I’m the living proof. Catch that smile and I hit the roof ”
– Van Halen

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