My mood is as indecipherable as an enigma deep fat fried and smothered in secret sauce at the moment. Today will go down as one of the most strange and confusing of my life. I am ecstatic, happy, sad, mourning, pleased, content, unhappy, wallowing, lamenting my age, happy with where I am, missing something, feeling accomplished yet completely dissatisfied with the amount I have finished. Today I did my annual trek to Indie Gathering in Cleveland. En route, I partook of the great Marie’s Pizza in my old hometown of Wadsworth Ohio. Since I arrived close to 2 hours early, I toured my old hometown. Nothing remotely unusual in that because every single time I go to this place, I tour my neighborhood and reminisce. The fondest memories of my life are wrapped in this small slice of Americana.

I parked downtown and walked aimlessly. Went into several mom and pop stores, and explored the library. I remember as a kid the original library had a locked room in the basement, with the entire history of the town. Before THE GOONIES (1985) even came out, we were sure there was a treasure map in there somewhere, or at least a grand historical mystery in need of solving.

I was tired, cranky, and had a rough start to the day. Generally, the first thing I want to see in the morning is NOT a person who hates me. Somehow, going to Wadsworth, I was so uplifted. My spirits raised above the clouds. I don’t know why today was different. Every year, about 2-3 times a year I go here.

Then I arrived at the Indie Gathering. Did 2 panel discussions, got interviewed 3 times, then shot an interview for FRAMELINES. I was so tired, and my head was pounding like a jackhammer and I wanted to go home.

The sunset was truly awe inspiring. Driving west on I-271, the hills and the trees soaked in the orange sunlight. Windows down, feeling the perfect breeze and Peter Gabriel screaming for me to Come Talk To him, and I just revelled in life for the briefest of moments.

I got home to find the Boys of Rossdonia in the window looking for me. All I want to do is go to sleep. I have leftover Marie’s Pizza for breaking my fast tomorrow. I will play with the cats, talk to them for a bit, then I am going to sleep.

Dear life, please bring me more days like today.

“At the still point of destruction, At the centre of the fury, All the angels, all the devils, All around us can’t you see, Love is the 7th wave”
– Sting

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