I love the International Indie Gathering. It’s a film festival and indie film convention combined into one. I come every year to this event and have a blast. I worked so much this past week, between edits for 3 different companies, wrapping up several projects, teaching 3 classes, and dealing with a flea infestations with my feline roommates; I am exhausted. And yet I drove 2 hours and setup shot in the vendor room. I know that tomorrow en route to home, I will partake of the now legendary MARIE’S PIZZA, or is it will be known by its true name: Diabetes Type 2. By now, the habit of eating this unhealthiest of treats cannot be denied.

I did the Director’s Panel discussion today. It was fun, as always. Balancing between talking to experienced people to the novices means walking a tightrope in how you describe things. When I moderate these things, I just want to make sure that everyone gets something out of it, some nugget of information they didn’t have before they walked into the room.

Selling DVD’s in today’s world ain’t that easy. Everything is moving away from optical discs or any kind of physical product. Downloads, files, and even the simple accessibility of all the files in one place ala Netflix, Amazon, or even Youtube/Vimeo makes these DVD’s obsolete.

I am booked on several jobs this coming week too, so already Monday morning early, I have to be on an edit at another studio.

“‘The treacherous streetlights
call for the blinders
glaring the dark sides of
the rule of supply and demand
I’ll never be street wise
but signs of the times I know
will reveal themselves in beastly shapes”
– Jarle Bernhoft

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