Ridley Scott was 42 when he directed ALIEN in 1979. Robert Altman was 43 when he directed M*A*S*H. Richard Donner was 48 years old when he directed SUPERMAN in 1978. I had built up in my head that I was too old to make a feature film. I was only going to make ACCIDENTAL ART and quit, at least features. I don’t feel like that right now. I will keep making movies for the rest of my life. The future ain’t written. For a while there, I was ready to throw in the towel (on many levels). I wanted to make this one last feature, then slink away into the night. Not now. Now I have a list of projects, growing all the time, of things I want to shoot, edit, finish. Shoot, edit, finish.

I’m lining up projects that could very well take me to the end of my life and never stop working. I’m trying, I mean really trying to let whatever anger I have left erode away. Life is so much more enjoyable when my focus is on the work. It will be a daily struggle to not let my tendencies, and the external factors from pulling me away. I know I will fail some days. I also promise to keep trying to stay the course.

I’m resurrecting several projects from the recent past. Much like the Cell Phone Monologues, these are things started in the last few years that just fell to the wayside. I have more than one feature film in the queue, a plan of attack, sources of funding, key personnel, and writing/preparing.

I’m starting to do pro bono work again. Editing and post production works for other people for free. It’s been a while. I want to keep bringing back my better qualities and leave the less than nice ones behind.

Whatever my muse is, she hasn’t left me in the lurch again. I’ve had some slow days, but I’m not dry yet. Ideas flow into my mind, out onto the paper, and when they aren’t there, I have a plethora of material to edit or market.

Holy Rusted Metal, Batman! The Emmy’s are upon us! I just don’t think I have the juice to make the final cut there. I watched our submission and it just doesn’t meet the standards. Maybe next year, if I can keep working at this and getting things more tight, more perfect. I did get tickets to the ceremony (thank the lord!). A fun time will ensue.

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