Going to try a new approach to a couple shoots coming up. I’ve got another greenscreen podcast shoot I wrote last night. The previous two did pretty well, so I think more things like that are in order. They are quick to shoot, quick to edit, play with After Effects a bit, then upload and done. The fact that these are semi-educational helps me justify. I have some other shoots I want to get done too. The Movie Cliches loom on the horizon, along with Accidental Art and all my other unfinished works. My OCD goes crazy at the thought. If only I could stop bleeding and not have my body crumble every other week, I might get more done.

All my court proceedings were put on hold as the judge went on vacation for 2 weeks. That sucks! I was looking forward to seeing the aftermath of my amateur unlicenced lawyering! I can wait 14 days to have my revenge and experience a justice long in the making.

Yet again, so soon, I will have Marie’s Pizza. Speaking of which, a video ode to the greatest artery clogging on planet Earth is in almost finished. As soon as the paid edits are done, a frivolous podcast about my love of the Italian cuisine will be unleashed to the public. Maybe this weekend.

Getting together the last few FRAMELINES stories for a brand new episode takes longer than expected. I’ve got to shoot some quick B-Roll shots and edit them into the story, then re-arrange some B-Roll to finalize the ON LOCATION segment. The FEATURED FILMMAKER segment is almost done and the rest are complete. 3 out of 5 done, and 2 in states of mid-edit. This is a magazine style show with different types of stories, each one under 7 minutes long.

I don’t know how to completely refill my cup. I get these spurts of creativity and motivation. When they hit, I act without much hesitation. I need to make things like a crack addict needs a fix. What does it take to bring that muse back? I bought the bitch flowers and I treated her real good.

“As I returned across the lands I’d known I recognized the fields where I’d once played. I had to stop in my tracks for fear of walking on the mines I’d laid”
― Sting

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