So I finished and released and then marketed the latest Sonnyboo Podcast video on the various definitions of “feature length”. It has sparked much debate, mostly because it has so few agreed upon standards. It’s odd to me to put out a video describing the many union, film festival, governing bodies for awards, etc. all meticulously researched, and be told that I am wrong, that some wannabe online decided that it’s 83 minutes and I should accept their answer or that they had a professor who told them it was 91 minutes, so that carries more weight than the Academy Awards. The internet is a strange place where narcissism and lack of social skills coalesce into a stew of the lowest forms of communication.
 The next video will get done next week. Same kind of thing, just more graphics work and information. These Sonnyboo Podcasts are gaining some momentum. Over 100 views in less than 24 hours makes me feel good, and that’s just on YouTube, excluding Vimeo and other sites as well. It’s great to have a record of my longest beard before I shaved it off last night.

We make these because they are simple to do. Greenscreen shoot in 15-20 minutes tops. Edit of the shoot. Then create backgrounds, collect images, type words, and then the magic of basic animation – a few hours later a Sonnyboo podcast is born, with the help of the Sonnyboo Intern Army doing the heavy lifting, learning something new as we go.

“The deception with tact. Just what are you trying to say?”
– The Fixx

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