Going to record a couple greenscreen things today. The big experiment is to try to go straight from the camera HD-SDI to the hard drive via our Matrox MX02 LE box. I tried this once before and couldn’t work it out in time. I want to be able to record like this because I can get 300 megabytes per second data rates with incredibly mild compression. What does that mean? Really clean, perfect greenscreen keying when you want to get that green background to be something else, you have a lot more picture and color information to work with. I try to maintain my structure of learning SOMETHING, no matter how small, on every single project I make. Working with HD-SDI (High Definition – Serial Digital Interface) is new, and can come in handy for paid work later.

I still edit in Adobe CS5.5, mostly because I love the Matrox plug ins that come including with the hardware. The real time color correction, multiple layers of effects and transitions still work amazingly well for me. The only things CS6 has that I want are the warp stabilization in Premiere, not just After Effects in CS5.5, and unlimited multicam tracks. The latter is almost enough to get me to make the move, but I want to wait until I absolutely cannot use CS5.5 anymore. Haven’t had a single job past 4 cameras in multicam mode.

I hate this idea of the “Creative Cloud” and paying a monthly rental fee for software. Yuck. I’ll use CS5.5 and CS6 until they cannot work anymore, then unless Adobe has changed their policy, I’ll have to transition some other software after 15 years of being a loyal customer.

“Yesterday I was half the man I used to be. Oh, maybe that’s because you’re the other half of me”- JAMIROQUAI

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