My editing computer at home is in need of upgrading. Usually, every 2-3 years, I get a new machine that is roughly double the RAM and CPU power of the last one. Unfortunately, for over a year, things appear to be stagnating, at least where cost is concerned. I can double the juice, but at double the price. So I will have to make do with some minor upgrades…. Got a new graphics card with 4x the RAM so I can start to use ELEMENT 3D from Purchased a 3 terabyte internal drive doubling my internal storage for video projects and footage. Got a new cable modem since I’m paying for 50 megabyte downloads and my old modem maxes out at 33 megabytes. I’m going to connect a printer/scanner to it since I’ve been without for years and find a need far more often to scan documents. Overall, not a bad upgrade for the old machine.

With this comes a long overdue reformat/reinstall of Windows and my Adobe, which will finally upgrade from CS5.5 to CS6. Had the discs for CS6 for over a year, but the change I have resisted. I will lose a certain amount of control and features that I get from my Matrox MX02 hardware that directly interacts better in CS5.5 with special real time effects, color correction, etc.

Eh, time to move up. My Matrox hardware will still work with CS6, and I have NO INTEREST in the Creative Cloud. As you can tell, it ain’t economically viable for someone who doesn’t upgrade every single time they offer a tiny change. I also don’t put my editing computers online. Once it becomes an editor, that’s all it is.

“Came in from a rainy Thursday
On the avenue
Thought I heard you talking softly”
– Duran Duran

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