Rise to the occasion. Putting my head back on. Lifting everything to meet the challenges. My obstacles are simple. Get up every day, breathe, and walk out the door. Some days are easier than others. Hope is not lost, not yet. My first true love remains in my heart, and that’s the need to tell a story. To say I’ve lost my mojo is something of an understatement. Trying to capture my muse is all I can do. I keep feeling like it’s right inside my grasp, like she’s just right there, barely out of reach, and as soon as I put my hands out, she’s gone. On the whispering wind one might say.

I’m going to do a shoot for FRAMELINES next week. It’s nothing major; just something I need to get done, but it is me on set directing actors and a crew, so that’s more than nothing. It helped to have storyboards made for this. Collaboration helps break through my walls.

I need a vacation. I’m hoping to take some real time off soon. Get away and just do very little. Sit in the sunshine all day and write all night. I’ve been denying this new book I’m writing. Something that is less controversial or personal and more theoretical and educational.

Maybe after recharging my batteries, I can rise up and start over with a little more clarity.

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