After three months of housing and feeding these two kittens, I finally placed them in a new home. It was gut wrenching to let them go, but I did it. I had even developed a new rule which was that they could not be separated and the lady I’ve bequeathed them to was willing to keep them together. It made my New Years Eve a pretty fallow night, even though I was surrounded by good people and a good time. How I dealt with day two was simple; I edited some of my own material. An edit thats been sitting for nearly 3 months, a mini-documentary about the pizza place in my old hometown, got cut in less than 2 hours and uploaded as a Sonnyboo Podcast. It was a distraction and it worked.

I think now I can throw myself at a lot of this other work that’s sat stagnant for many weeks. My two remaining cats are more mature and understanding about my work ethic. That’s not to say they can’t be annoying in their own right, only that they aren’t nearly as demanding or destructive as the little ones were.

Time to also get back deeply into some After Effects work for myself. Gotta keep those skills sharp, as well as allowing my imagination to open up a little more. I used to get lost for hours creating abstract animations for no reason other than to see the colors and images move.

I keep hoping, against all logic and reason, that the paid work will slow down so I can get some mental rest, work on my own projects, and even finalize a little more of Season 2 of FRAMELINES.

Also got some shoots to make up. Uncle Pete phase 2 did NOT get shot. Schedule didn’t work out this trip for George, so on his spring break, we intend to get it rocking again. I’m so buried with projects already that a delay ain’t a bad thing at all.

I miss the kittens even though they are in the perfect loving home. It’s driving me nuts. I crave distraction.

“How many lonely, sleepless nights? How many lies, how many fights? And why would you want to put yourself through all that again?”
– Sting

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